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Level network annual forum Australian public service commission

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Developing women in your organisation’s existing workforce provides excellent opportunity to utilise your own human capital to create a competitive global advantage. Our Great Leaders Are Made leadership development program for women develops management and leadership skills to prepare women for more senior roles in their organisation. Read more

Leadership Development

Our leadership development methods are tailored to you or your organisation’s specific needs and range from half to full day workshops. Our recommendation is that programs run over several months to ensure sustainable change and development of leaders. Read more

The overall aim of the GLAM™ program is to empower participants with enhanced self-awareness and adaptive communication skills required for best practice leadership, whilst further developing their management and leadership skills broadly in preparation for more senior roles. DAY 1: INFLUENCING THROUGH COMMUNICATION AND LISTENING Understanding your communication style and that of others How we communicate in normal situations and how that changes under pressure Principles of effective communication and active listening The difference in how men and women communicate and how to adapt our communication to achieve better results. DAY 2: RESOLVING CONFLICT CONSTRUCTIVELY, NETWORKING AND MANAGING YOUR CAREER Conflict resolution fundamentals Creating a win-win scenario using the Conflict Map™ to effectively analyse and resolve conflict Setting goals Use a Career SWOT Analysis™ tool to advance to the next level How to network effectively and strategically Create your own brand and managing your image DAY 3: FINDING BALANCE AND LEADING THE FUTURE WORKFORCE Exploring the dimensions of Work/Life balance Benefits of flexibility to individuals and organizations Presence and creating your “Third Space™” Leadership skills now and in the future What makes an effective and inspiring leader Communicating and leading effectively across different generations at work Read more