@avrilhenry RT @melbournefc: A standing ovation for the great Neale Daniher. ❤️ https://t.co/uiKLBsqq3n

Congratulations on your success this morning at the HR Partners function.  I found your work very inspiring and returned to work with a refreshed approach to support my team and their aspirations of leadership.


Leadership Development

Our leadership development methods are tailored to you or your organisation’s specific needs and range from half to full day workshops. Our recommendation is that programs run over several months to ensure sustainable change and development of leaders.

Workshops and Seminars

Our workshops are practical, informative, made relevant to your organisation and provide learning outcomes that are easily implemented. They are interactive and fun, suit people at all organisational levels in all industries and are tailored to an organisations individual need by focussing on issues specific to individuals, teams or the whole organisation. Our facilitators bring passion and energy to inspire participants to stretch themselves to enhance their leadership capability as they learn about communication between genders, generations and cultures, emotional intelligence, effective leadership, or how to attract and motivate different generations in the workplace.

We also design comprehensive, integrated leadership programs across our expertise areas to build the core leadership capabilities required of todays leaders. Through a range of learning methods, leaders gain valuable insights into the essentials of strategy, leadership, communication, operational management, decision making, change management, problem solving and the link between values and behaviours and organisational outcomes.

Our areas of subject expertise include:

  • Communication and Active Listening
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Diversity Principles, Practices and Skills
  • Emotional Intelligence and Resilience
  • Motivating & Managing the Different Generations at Work
  • Performance Management
  • Workplace Bullying, Harassment & Victimisation

Our seminars are 2 hour sessions with an emphasis of it being a high energy participative approach to learning on any of our subject expertise.

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