A leadership development program for women

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Glam Participant

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Are women well represented in senior and executive roles in your organisation?

Developing women in your organisation’s existing workforce provides excellent opportunity to utilise your own human capital to create a competitive global advantage.

The aim of this development program is to empower participants, and further develop their management and leadership skills in preparation for more senior roles in your organisation. Increasingly this is becoming a compliance issue with the ASX requiring organisations to increase the number of women on their boards.

Who Should Attend?

Women who would benefit most from attending our GLAM program are:

  • Part of a high potential talent management program
  • Part of a high potential talent management program within their current organisation, the women who are part of such a program are good candidates and would benefit from GLAM
  • Women who are team leaders or middle managers and are being groomed for senior management roles
  • Women in highly technical roles, and are regarded as exceptional in their field of expertise, e.g. engineers, doctors, project leaders, accountants, lawyers, who are being considered for promotion and will become responsible for managing people
  • Women working in male dominated industries, and currently often are the only woman on the management team in their department
  • Women from organisations who want to increase the number of women in leadership roles and on their boards, and want to recognize and promote internal candidates
  • SMEs and female business owners who want to develop their leadership skills

The program is run over three months, meeting once per month for a full day. Each session has a theme, with interactive exercises during the session, encouraging attendees to participate actively. The program is expected to have an average of thirty (30) attendees, to maximise opportunities for interaction and group learning. For more than one attendee from large organisations, it is recommended that participants are selected from different departments, which will assist with building their internal business networks.



A donation to charity (to be determined) will be allocated from the proceeds of these programs.


GLAM Terms & Conditions

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