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Level network annual forum Australian public service commission

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Leadership Development

Our leadership development methods are tailored to you or your organisation’s specific needs and range from half to full day workshops. Our recommendation is that programs run over several months to ensure sustainable change and development of leaders. Read more

Hobart Program 1: Thursday 20th February, Thursday 30th and Friday 31st MarchHenry Art Hotel, Hobart Albury/Wodonga Program 1 – Wednesday 26th February, Wednesday 25th March, Wednesday 7th AprilProgram 2 – Wednesday 26th August, Wednesday 17th September, Wednesday 28th OctoberAtura Hotel, Albury Canberra Program 1: Tuesday 3rd March, Tuesday 7th April, Tuesday 5th May Program 2: Thursday 17th September, Tuesday 15th October, Tuesday 12th November The Boathouse, Barton Sydney Program 1: Thursday 2nd April, Thursday 7th May, Thursday 4th June Program 2: Thursday 24th September, Thursday 22nd October, Thursday 19th November The Kirribilli Club, Lavender Bay Northern Rivers NSW (Ballina) Program 1: Friday 27th March, Friday 1st May, Friday 5th June Program 2: Tuesday 22nd September, Tuesday 20th October, Tuesday 17th November Ballina venue to be announced Brisbane Program 1 – Wednesday 24th June, Wednesday 22nd July, Wednesday 19th August CBD Venue to be announced Melbourne Program 1: Tuesday 12th May, Tuesday 16th June, Tuesday 14th July CBD Venue to be announced Perth Program 1: Tuesday 30th June, Tuesday 28th July and Thursday 29th July CBD Venue to be announced Adelaide Program 1 – Tuesday 7th August, Tuesday 11th September, Friday 13th October CBD Venue to be announced Darwin Program 1:… Read more

Keynote Speaking

Avril is a game-changer who tells it like it is. She is an internationally-acclaimed keynote speaker and provocateur who is passionate about transforming leadership models, building diversity capabilities and reforming outdated workplace practices. She is consistently ranked by audiences in the top 3 speakers at conferences, and has been for over a decade. Read more